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To Join

The ICF⁺C maintains a professional standard with a transparent set of qualifications for membership listed below.

Applications are reviewed yearly. 

Usually in winter-spring.

We ask that all applicants ->

If you feel you meet the requirements and would like to contribute to the collective as a member please submit an application!


Review "Join" parameters in detail. Issues with #2 and #3 are frequent reasons we are unable to accept potential new members. 

Please be aware there is a small application fee

Applicants are encouraged to reapply over time if not initially accepted. 


Are professional working cinematographers, for whom cinematography is their primary profession.


This currently excludes students,
ACs who DPs on the side building their portfolio, a Director who sometimes DPs, professional educators, etc.


Applicants must have a professional cinematography focused, single-disciplinary (non-hyphenate) website, with reel, credits and resume showcasing cinematography as their main career. 


Applicants must be cinematographers who would benefit from the services of this community. This group exists to support and uplift cinematographers who are in a position to actively experience gender discrimination in their careers.

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