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The ICF⁺C was started in 2015 with the simple concept of increasing the visibility of non-male cinematographers. We formed a collective in which members could launch their own initiatives; creating forums, sharing resources, jobs, and providing mentorship to one another.

Some frequently asked questions...

Who's in
charge here?

The ICF⁺C is a group that provides a platform for industry outreach and mutual aid, it is not a business.  Members who consistently and reliably step up to volunteer are welcome to take on leadership rolls at any time. Current leadership is listed here

Are there events in my area /
why aren't there events in my area?

The ICF⁺C is all volunteer run, if you feel you are missing events in your area, it's time to launch one! if you're unsure how to get started email into 

Does it cost money to join? 

 In April 2024, after weathering  a pandemic and strike the collective acknowledged that with the current state of giving in our industry, ICF⁺C is no longer sustainable without member support. Members are asked to contribute the equivalent of a cup of coffee a month, if they are able. This allows us to cover basic web fees and similar overhead

I'm a member, but I never hear from the ICF⁺C or hear about events, what's up with that?

It's likely our email is filtering to your spam or promotions folder.  We never want to pester members or flood your inbox, but we do use mailchimp to send out event invitations. Some email providers filter mailchimp or flag it as spam. We highly recommend adding a filter to your email for the following key words : ICF⁺C,  ICFC , contacticfc, icfcevents .

I'm a member, how do I get more involved?

You can offer to take on a project/event of your own making, or you can offer to join an existing project. Reach out to with your specific interest/expertise, and how much time you have available (IE, I can be the ongoing events person for X area, or, I can work on planning a single event this year in my locality).

I'm not a member, but I want to support the group, how do I get more involved? 

Thanks for asking!  We're always looking for companies willing to host events or sponsor the podcast, as well as for companies and individuals interested in supporting the group as a whole. You can make a direct contribution here, or reach out to to set something up.

The ICF⁺C is in the process of becoming a 501C3.

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